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Continuing Clawhammer Style Banjo

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Continuing Clawhammer Banjo 

Instructor: Annie Fain Barralon 

Weekly: Monday 11/7-11/28 

3:30 p.m. –  5:30 p.m. 

Adult 18+ 

Beyond Beginning. Must have prior banjo experience. 

Are you ready to move beyond beginning? If you  have a few tunes under your belt, and feel comfortable with the “bum-ditty,” then this is the workshop for you.  We’ll continue learning tunes by ear, master the drop-thumb and explore various standard and modal tunings.   Discussion topics will include jamming tricks, simple music theory, historical context and singing with the banjo. 

BYOB—that’s Bring Your Own Banjo!  

Students will need to bring: 

  • Playable banjo 
  • Extra Strings 
  • Way to record (voice memo on your phone works fine) 
  • Capo 


    About Annie Fain Barralon

    Annie Fain is a native of the crafts and music/dance community of Brasstown and the Folk School's former Music & Dance Coordinator. She teaches a variety of classes at the school including book arts, clawhammer banjo, and several styles of dance: Appalachian clogging, English waltz clog, Northwest Morris, and Bal Folk (learned when she married into a French family). Annie Fain plays banjo and banjo uke for the all-woman string band, Blue Eyed Girl, and has danced with both Loafers Glory Clog Morris and the Green Grass Cloggers. She sells her handmade books, gift cards, and original watercolors regionally and is a member of the Southern Highland Craft Guild.