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Handmade Ornaments: Pysanky Egg

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Instructor: Andrea Kulish

Thursday, November 16

1:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Ages: Adult (18 and up)

All levels are welcome. No experience required.

Student Supplies:

  • Note taking materials.
  • Apron or clothes than can get dye on them.

Make beautiful Ukrainian Easter eggs – pysanky- as holiday ornaments. Learn batik, also called wax-resist, dyeing.  Designs are made with beeswax melted in the flame of a candle and applied to the egg using a tool called a kistka. The eggs are then dipped into successively darker dyes. At the end of the process the beeswax is melted off to reveal the beautiful and colorful design. Become familiar with the wide range of Ukrainian traditional patterns, designs and symbols and their history, many of which representing symbols of well wishes such as good health, long life, strength, and protection. You may use traditional patterns, or also freestyle and make up your own design. Enjoy this fun, relaxing, and meditative art form!

All materials are included with a $15 PAYABLE TO THE INSTRUCTOR at the time of the workshop. 

*Payment by cash or check is required for materials fees. 

 About Instructor:

Andrea creates pysanky using traditional Ukrainian patterns as well as her own modern designs. The creation of pysanky eggs is very personal and meaningful to her because it is a tradition her mom passed down to her starting when she was only five years old. For her, the making of the eggs is both a way of expressing her creativity, connecting with her late mother, who as an artist herself was a huge inspiration, and also a way to keep this Ukrainian folk tradition alive, a unique part in the mosaic of America’s varied cultural heritage. Andrea is very excited to share the making of pysanky eggs and does live demos and workshops for those who want to dive deeper into the pysanky egg making art form.