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Olive's Workshops

Traditional Woodcarving

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Instructor: Helen Gibson

Wednesday, October 11, 18, 25, & November 1

10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Ages: Intergenerational (16 and up)

All levels are welcome. No experience required.

Student Supplies:

  • Note taking materials.
  • Students are encouraged to bring their familiar tools or use what is provided.

Explore the woodcarving traditions of The Brasstown Carvers. Carve animals, ornaments, or walking sticks while you practice knife work to better grasp the intricacies of forms, tools, and techniques.  Along with technical instruction in three-dimensional and relief carving, Helen will share her experiences growing up and developing as an artist within the carving community, sharing a unique oral history that explores the aesthetic and background of this tradition.

All materials are included with a $15 PAYABLE TO THE INSTRUCTOR at the time of the workshop. 

*Payment by cash or check is required for materials fees. 

 About Instructor:

Helen, the Folk School's Resident Woodcarver since 1990, is a Brasstown Carver in the famed local tradition. She studied with Jack Hall and is one of the few instructors who still carves and teaches the Brasstown Nativity figures she illustrates in her books, "Carving the Nativity" and "The Animals of the Nativity." These, along with her books on carving Moses and St. Francis of Assisi, depict her highly detailed style of carving in the round. Helen teaches workshops throughout the Southeast.